2015 National ACAL Conference

2015 National ACAL Conference

ACAL 2015 web adIn 2015 SACAL is hosting the National ACAL Conference. For more information click the image below, or visit acal.edu.au/15conf

Adult language, literacy and numeracy educators and learners need the resilience to adjust to the evolving economic, social and political climate. This means being bold, adaptable, flexible, courageous and willing to take risks.

A major risk for educators is the range of external pressures which threaten the continued provision of quality programs. The risk for learners is not reaching their full potential. For the preservation of quality programs all stakeholders must be influenced by current research, maintain professional standards, advocate, and engage learners in order for the sector to evolve and maintain relevance.

Please join us in South Australia for the
2015 National ACAL Conference
24th and 25th September 2015
At the Adelaide Zoo


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