2022 Conference

SACAL is pleased to announce that the
Minister for Education, Training and Skills,
the Hon Blair Boyer MP

will open the SACAL 2022 Conference
on Friday, 27 May 2022

2022 Conference
Friday, 27 May 2022

Adult Education is More …

exploring what is at the heart of our teaching and learning practice.

The SACAL 2022 conference offers delegates the opportunity to explore the conference theme of exploring what is at the heart of our teaching and learning practice through a variety of sessions, including presentations and practical workshops. This conference is suitable for practitioners, managers, program developers, assessors, specialists, researchers, support staff, volunteers and everyone working in adult language, literacy and numeracy, vocational and community education.

We will meet face to face on Kaurna land and enjoy catching up with colleagues and making new professional contacts.

Conference Sessions

Journey into Adult Community Education: the fourth sector of adult education

Colly Lesker, from Hackham West Community Centre, and Zoe Gow, from Pooraka Farm Community Centre, offer insight into what makes up the  ‘fourth sector’ of education –  Adult Community Education (ACE). As frontline educators, Colly and Zoe provide accessible learning opportunities to the most vulnerable persons in their local communities whilst holding the foundational belief that education changes lives. In this presentation, Colly and Zoe provide an overview of ACE principles and practices, the programs they deliver and the point of difference in adult literacy and numeracy education.

Developing Culturally Respectful and Competent Approaches

Vicki Hartman, Cultural Services Officer at Tauondi Aboriginal College, offers a workshop in developing culturally respectful ways of sharing, learning and understanding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learner cohort/person. She will engage us in a variety of innovative and interactive ways of sharing, learning and developing awareness of Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander people.

Motivate and invigorate your learners through drama!

Jodie Whitehurst, creator of The Language Scene, was a finalist for the 2021 Victorian Learn Local Pre-accredited Trainer Award for her work in the Adult Community Education (ACE) sector. As a recipient of an ISSI Fellowship, she has travelled internationally to research the benefits and best practice of using drama in the adult EAL classroom. In Jodie’s interactive workshop, participants will learn simple, non-threatening drama techniques to motivate and invigorate their learners, while enhancing language, literacy and employability skills. Through drama, learners gain confidence and develop connections, leading to a greater willingness to become active learners.

Correctional Education: what and why?

The provision of education in prisons has a long history. So, too, does the debate about whether it should exist, what it should entail, and what its purpose should be. In this presentation, Rita Durkin, Correctional Educator, will look at correctional education today, and how we got here. She will express some hopes for the future, share the challenges that correctional educators face, and discuss the barriers to meeting them.

Jolly Grammar – what it is, tools to help you navigate the content and practical strategies to support all learners.

 Kylie Hallion is a Literacy Coach and Trainer with SPELD SA. This role includes conducting Jolly Phonics and Grammar workshops and mentoring educators in Schools. Kylie is an experienced educator, having worked in diverse educational settings in Singapore, England, and Adelaide for over 20 years. In this workshop Kylie will offer insight into how SPELD SA provides advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who care for, teach, and work with them. She will share the importance of using an evidence-based approach to literacy instruction, give a brief overview of the program content and some practical ideas you can use to make the content relevant for all learners. You will see where you can access SPELD SA’s free resources, and where you can learn more should you want to delve deeper into the program.

Discussing and doing everyday mathematics

Join numeracy lecturers and SACAL members Max Lorenzin and Caralyn Lammas in this interactive workshop that aims to build awareness of how deeply mathematical language is part of our everyday lives and conversations. Delegates are invited to have their own conversations and develop the confidence to put this knowledge into practice in the classroom.

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